Wednesday, March 8, 2017

How Are ASEA Products Made?

Manufacturing Practices

It is important for consumers (and the FDA) how a company manufactures and produces their products. As a company, ASEA greatly cares about strictly following the guidelines made by the FDA. They are cautious to stay up to date with any changes in regulations for manufacturing practices, so they can ensure their consumers

The NSF International is a global public health and safety organization that provides food safety and quality assurance services across all food supply chain sectors. They reviewed ASEA’s manufacturing process and certified their production center as a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) compliant facility.

ASEA Production Line


Since ASEA Redox Supplement, is classified as a dietary supplement, the FDA doesn’t approve of it, however they regulate it. The FDA oversees dietary supplements under a different set of regulations. These regulations are different from those that cover conventional foods and drug products.

Before any company can distribute or market their product, they are responsible to making sure that the product in manufactures is safe and that there are no claims about the product that are false or misleading. The product must also comply with the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act and FDA regulations in all other ways. These laws cover topical supplements (like RENU 28) as well as foods and supplements.

ASEA Production Line


ASEA has invested millions of dollars into a 41,500 square foot production facility that has testing labs, a large production area, and offices. In these buildings roughly 15,000 cases of ASEA Redox Supplement and 10,000 tubes of RENU 28 are produced each week. This is only about 30% of the facilities capacity, which allows a lot of room for growth as the company continues to expand and grow. Something else that makes ASEA’s facility unique is that since it is theirs, they get 100% say on how they are going to operate their manufacturing process. It allows them to maintain a high quality assurance, control costs, and provide stability to their business.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The History of Skin Care Products

People are always looking for new ways to make their skin more vibrant and looking young. Not always do they care about looking better, but it’s about being healthier. More recently, you can find a plethora of skin care items that claim to reduce wrinkles and increase skin vibrancy through new methods and findings, but what did people of the past use?

ASEA created an infographic with the following information about skin care tips from history:
  • Dating back to Egypt in 40 B.C. The Egyptians would use aloe vera for its anti-aging properties. They called it the plant of immortality.  
  • In 323 B.C., the people of Greece used olive oil to moisturize their skin.
  • In Rome in 777 A.D., they would take mud baths and use crocodile-dung mud masks as an indulgent skin treatment.
  • Back in 690 A.D., the Chinese would crush pearls to create a topical skin powder. It would also help create radiant skin.
  • Nearly 450 years ago in 1569, Scotland used white wine because they believed it promoted a healthy complexion.
  • Marie Antoinette in 1776. in France, frequently took herb baths and slept in gloves lined with wax, sweet almond oil, and rose water.
  • The people of England found that egg yolk, honey, and oatmeal could be used to soften the skin, that lemon juice could bleach it, and parasols would protect it from the sun. They found this in 1837.
  • In New York in 1890, a commercial cold cream was introduced as a way to remove makeup and hydrate the skin.
  • The first commercial sunscreen was introduced in Switzerland in 1946.
  • In 2014, Asea introduced RENU 28, which is a skin revitalizing gel. It enhances skin health at the cellular level with active redox signaling molecules.

Over the years there have been big advances in technology to help move along the skincare industry. With these new findings, ASEA is the only company who is able to create healthier skin from the outside in through their skin care products that contain active redox signaling molecules. Skin is always in the state of growth. Old cells die and new cells form. With redox signaling you can create healthier cells which allows your skin to be healthier. You can start today by using RENU 28.  

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Reviews of ASEA

Reviews of ASEA

There is content out there that ASEA is a scam. This is not true. There is science and data that backs up the products and their benefits. There are also hundreds and thousands of people who have used the products and found them to increase their health and energy. Read some of the reviews from the people who are involved with ASEA.

Dr. Karl Smith

Dr. Karl Smith said,

"We have the strongest product that has ever been on the planet, and now we have the strongest compensation plan. We are going to experience record-level growth with ASEA!"

Rebekka & Cosimo Marraffa

Rebekka and Cosimo Marraffa say,

“With ASEA we were able to really make our dream come true. We can do something good for people. We can work from heart to heart. We have the possibility of working together.”

Craig Lindner

Craig Lindner said,

"My mission now is to help people change the way they think. We all have the same amount of time-it's just the way we think that determines our outcome. If you think you can, you probably will."

Alan & Margaret Bishop

Alan Bishop mentioned,

"I want to be a help and an inspiration to many others who will come to recognize ASEA as their home, just as Margaret and I have."

Debbie Wetzler

Debbie Wetzler said,

"It is a dream come true. It has been almost two years since I found out about ASEA. On that day my prayers were answered and I finally knew that I had found a way to help people and regain my financial dignity."

Stephen Ottewell

Steve Ottewell says,

I have noticed that ASEA, as a company, has a unique quality of attracting the right people with the right hearts.”

Dr. Stan & Cristie Gardner

Dr. Stan and Cristie Gardner said,

"We are on the ground floor of the greatest health breakthrough of the past century with ASEA, and the business model is being run by some of the greatest business minds in the world."

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Everything You Need to Know About RENU 28

What is RENU 28?

RENU 28 is a one-of-a-kind all over body gel that improves cellular health. It does this through redox signaling molecules. These molecules occur naturally in our bodies, but sometimes not at the optimum levels we need.  That’s where ASEA’s products come into play. RENU 28 improves skin texture, smoothness, wrinkles and more.
Image result for renu 28 before and after pictures

Is RENU 28 Safe?

RENU 28 has undergone many tests to prove its safety. Dermatest, on of the leading dermatological research institutes in the world, gave RENU 28 its 5-star clinically tested seal. It also went through a 72 hour patch test, and 28 day group testing and no allergic or inflammatory reactions were found. It is completely artificial fragrance and dye free. Some people have asked if it is safe to use on children or babies. Because it is free from synthetic fragrance, pore-blocking chemicals, animal ingredients, parabens, and other potential irritants, it is suitable for children.

What Skin Type Does RENU 28 Work On?

All skin types and and ages will benefit from RENU 28. Although some of the best results of the product show when it reduces wrinkles, if you want a more balanced skin tone, smoother skin, or anti-aging results, you will love RENU 28. It is also helpful on skin blemishes. People with sensitive skin are usually worried to try new products, however in the clinical studies of RENU 28, 100% of participants experienced no irritation. The best results for any type of skin come when you use it twice a day. Some people see the difference in a couple of days, and some people it takes a month or more.

Image result for renu 28 before and after pictures

Still have more questions about RENU 28? Read more about the science of asea, watch the video below, and learn more about RENU 28 here.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

What is the ASEA Advancing Life Foundation?

ASEA wanted to give back in ways that would make a difference. Their mission is, “To break cycles of poverty, abuse, and suffering”. Their vision is, “To empower communities and people who face disadvantages with sustainable opportunities for education, health, and relief from natural disasters, poverty, and abuse.”

Current Projects

Currently, ASEA is working on raising money for a few projects. One is they are collecting donations for the Ecuador Earthquake Relief fund. They have met their goal of raising $20,000 to give to the people of Ecuador.

Another current project that ASEA is working on is to help build the Ecuador Vocational Center. They currently have raised $37,646 of their $100,000 goal. The village ASEA is wanting to assist is Cotacachi, Ecuador. Eighty-seven percent of the population is living in poverty, and access to education is a challenge. With the money donated, CHOICE and ASEA Advancing Foundation will build a vocational center that will serve over 1500 families.

There is an additional opportunity to join ASEA leaders as they travel to Ecuador in July of 2017. Participants will spend 7 days working, learning and celebrating with community members. They building they will help create will create opportunities for generations to come.

Past Projects

Recently in Salt Lake City, Utah, ASEA held their first Have an Impact, Make a Difference Day. They helped a local shelter by hosting a clothing drive as well as donating canned food and prepared meals. ASEA’s team altogether volunteered almost 300 hours of their time.

Perhaps their biggest service up to date was the La Concepcion Mexico Expedition. In 2016, 35 volunteers travelled to Mexico to make a difference in the lives of people who lived in Concepcion. With that many volunteers, in just 5 days, they were able to complete 1 years worth of work. They completed 10 water cisterns, 16 stoves, and 5 chicken coops. Overall they made over 400 villagers happy and excited to have clean water and a place they could prepare their food.  To learn more about ASEA’s Mexico Expedition, watch the video below.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

What Do People Think About ASEA?

Image result for asea productsASEA is well known for their ASEA Redox Supplement. People also know the supplement as ASEA water. The supplement increases your levels of redox signaling molecules and they help restore your cells. The other product they are known for is RENU 28. This skin gel helps replenish your skin by making your cells healthier.

Reviews of ASEA Redox Supplement

ASEA has a high priority to invest in research in independent laboratories to see how their products actually help. They love to have data that backs up their statements, and they do! People who take ASEA regularly find themselves with more energy and don’t get sick as often.

The Human Performance Laboratory performed a randomized, double blind, placebo controlled community study. The study used 106 overweight women. They were instructed to take 4 oz of ASEA Redox Supplement everyday for 12 weeks. Their blood levels were taken and studied throughout the 12 weeks. They found that there was a highly significant improvement on their oxidized LDL. Oxidized LDL is a risk factor for heart disease and they found that by just 4 oz a day, you can reduce that risk. ASEA helps decrease oxidative stress.

The data found in this study and other studies, prove why people love the supplement. They are decreasing their oxidative stress levels which will of course help people feel better. Shawn Burke PTA, CPT, says, “ My athletes experience a quicker recovery when using ASEA Redox Supplement. They are able to perform at a higher level. The Redox Supplement supports a more active,healthy lifestyle.”

Reviews of RENU 28

RENU 28 is loved by so many people because of the incredible results it produces. It improves eye wrinkles, facial skin texture, skin smoothness, skin elasticity, the appearance of cellulite, and more. You can use this product on your whole body, and within 28 days you will start to see the difference.  Just take a look at how it helped the people below!
Image result for renu 28 before and after pictures
Image result for renu 28 before and after pictures
Image result for renu 28 before and after pictures
Image result for renu 28 before and after pictures
Image result for renu 28 before and after pictures

To learn more about ASEAs science based medicine, watch this video.

Friday, January 13, 2017

ASEA Water Redox Supplement


ASEA is a global leader in cellular health.  Their products are dedicated to provide you with a sustainable lifestyle through their cellular health products.  ASEA was founded in 2007, and in 2009 they introduced the first supplement of its kind, the ASEA Redox Supplement.

What Makes This Supplement Different From Other Health Supplements?

The ASEA water supplement is a one-of-a-kind products.  There is literally no one else in the world who has the technology that ASEA does.  What is this technology I speak of? It’s the science of redox signaling. Let me explain. Our body’s cells perform redox signalling all day every day. This is how our cells communicate to each other. This communication helps protect, rejuvenate, and restore our cells. However, because we are influenced by stress, age, and environmental toxins, our bodies start to not be able to communicate as effectively.

This is what ASEA has solved.  They have come up with the ASEA Redox Supplement which contains active redox signaling molecules. The active molecules are then able to restore your cells and make you healthier from the inside out. No matter your body's vulnerability, ASEA can bring your cellular communication to essential levels, making it possible for your body to achieve its health potential within a couple times of taking the supplement.

How Often Do I Have To Drink ASEA Redox Supplement?

ASEA Redox Supplement
Want to hear something else that is crazy? All it takes is 4 ounces of ASEA Redox Supplement a day to achieve this optimum levels of health. There are hundreds of thousands of people who have tried the ASEA water and have found it to benefit their cellular health. Within 30 minutes of drinking your daily 4 ounces, the supplement can make positive shifts in blood serum biomarkers.  ASEA Redox Supplement has been studied, and the improvements in cells were shown to last over a 24 hour period.

Since you are restoring something native to your body, the supplement is completely safe and nontoxic.  This innovative product helps the body work the way it should regardless of your age, gender, or genetic make up.  Interested in learning more about the ASEA Redox Supplement? Go to their website now.