Thursday, November 10, 2016

What Is ASEA?

You've probably heard some talk about ASEA before. Something about redox signaling molecules and science based medicine. But what exactly is ASEA? A search will show varying opinions about ASEA, but for the most part, ASEA gets positive feedback from both athletes and consumers alike.

ASEA Global

ASEA is a direct selling company based in Salt Lake City. Founded in 2007 by Verdis & Tyler Norton, it has grown enormously since it was first launched. ASEA is estimated to have around 33,000 direct sales consultants globally and that number continues to grow on a daily basis.

ASEA's main products seek to help restore nourishing redox signaling molecules within our bodies. These molecules are depleted as we age and, until ASEA, there has been no known resource to replenish these cells. ASEA posits that these cells can not only help the anti-aging process but that scientific research suggests that their products may have a positive effect on cardiovascular health.

ASEA Products

ASEA only offers 3 different products but they all pack some punch. For instance, RENU 28 research showed that 
ASEA Redox Supplement - a drink that serves as a supplement to enhance cell ability and systems.
RENU 28 - a topical gel that revitalizes skin cells and targets wrinkles and blemishes .
RENU Advanced - a skin care set that contains RENU 28 along with a refining cleanser, moisturizer and an intensive redox serum.

ASEA Athletes

ASEA has partnered with many athletes from all different sports. From Olympic Gold Medalists to Ironman Triathletes, these athletes are using ASEA and talking about how it's making a difference in their lives. Breeja Larson, an Olympic swimmer, talks about how she takes ASEA after a hard workout in the pool. "I always keep a couple extra ASEA pouches in my car just in case my workout destroys my muscles", she says.

ASEA Advancing Life

ASEA has also created the Advancing Life Foundation which focuses on breaking the "cycles of poverty, abuse and suffering". Their efforts benefit the lives of those living in third world countries.